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Copernicus Evolution - Research for harmonised and Transitional water Observation

Water quality is a worldwide issue affecting food production, industry, nature, recreation and ultimately human wellbeing. Satellites offer a cost-effective solution to monitor water quality at a global scale. A variety of methods and approaches are currently used for different water bodies such as oceans and lakes. CERTO will provide a harmonized capability to monitor water quality from lakes, through deltas, coastal waters and to the open ocean.

EU FlagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870349.

Responding to global needs

Monitoring and maintaining good water quality is pivotal to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is enshrined in European policy though the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

CERTO’s harmonised water quality products will support industry, policy-makers and academia and help nations to demonstrate compliance with national and international legislation and targets.

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Our areas of focus

The project will focus on 6 case study areas of transitional water bodies which provide diverse conditions and environments.

CERTO progress meeting

Latest News

21 August 2020
The first CERTO progress meeting was held online, 30-31 July 2020, due to current travel restrictions.  The online platform worked well and it enabled more participants to be able to attend than might have otherwise been possible, with representatives from all the workpackages and over 20 people in attendance.

The meeting started with an introduction from project coordinator Prof Steve Groom. He reported that 11 deliverables had already been reviewed by the management workpackage and submitted to the EU. However, there were some minor