CERTO meeting participants

CERTO progress meeting

21 August 2020
The first CERTO progress meeting was held online, 30-31 July 2020, due to current travel restrictions.  The online platform worked well and it enabled more participants to be able to attend than might have otherwise been possible, with representatives from all the workpackages and over 20 people in attendance.

The meeting started with an introduction from project coordinator Prof Steve Groom. He reported that 11 deliverables had already been reviewed by the management workpackage and submitted to the EU. However, there were some minor


Fieldwork in Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Field Campaign

12 May 2020
An early field campaign of the CERTO project took place in February 2020, on board the Dallaporta vessel in the North Adriatic Sea. The objectives of the campaign were to characterize the hydrological, biogeochemical and sedimentological properties of the study area during the maximum river runoff phase.  In situ measurements of hydrological properties and

Group shot of CERTO participants

CERTO Kick-off meeting

12 March 2020
The CERTO project has started with a productive two-day meeting hosted by Plymouth Marine Laboratory in January 2020.

Partners from 7 institutes across Europe gave presentations on their workpackages and discussed how they were going to work together towards the overall goal of harmonising water monitoring practices across marine, coastal and inland