Venice lagoon

One hundred stations sampled in the Venice Lagoon

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16 January 2022

The CNR team carried out extensive calibration and validation fieldwork at over 100 sampling stations in the Lagoon of Venice and in the adjacent coastal areas.

The fieldwork took place between March and August 2021 and was timed to coincide with Sentinel-2 satellite overpasses. The measurement stations were visited with a maximum time difference of one hour from the satellite overpasses.

Above water remote sensing reflectances were measured with the WISP-3 spectroradiometer (Water Insight) to validate the atmospheric correction of satellite imagery across a range of optically complex targets in transitional waters.

Hydrological parameters (temperature, salinity, turbidity), Inherent Optical Properties (IOP) and water samples were gathered to characterise the Optical Water Type (OWT) definition and to validate the OWT classification and the associated algorithms.

Sampling and laboratory analysis in the Venice lagoon
Taking radiometric measurements in the Venice lagoon with a WISP-3 spectroradiometer (left and centre) and laboratory analysis (right)