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21 July 2022

Researchers from GeoEcoMar and the University of Stirling participated in a field campaign in the Razelm-Sinoe lagoon system, from the 27th of June to the 3rd of July.

This joint effort was part of the work to characterize Optical Water Types in the Danube Delta, but the travel restrictions of the pandemic made this field campaign impossible until now.

Continuous above water radiometrical measurements were taken using both the So-Rad and one set of radiometers belonging to the Stirling team. The water inherent optical properties, aerosols optical thickness and hydro-physical parameters were measured and water samples were taken in 20 stations in Razelm, Golovita, Sinoe and Zmeica.

Taking radiometric measurements

Using the So-Rad and Stirling radiometers to take measurements in the Danube Delta

The main aim was to characterize as many Optical Water Types in the lagoon system, from the very clear water in the bays to the very turbid waters in open areas.


Filtering water samples from the Danube Delta

The video below shows instrumentation being installed, measurement of remote sensing reflectance, using a Sechhi disk to measure water transparency, deployment of the optics cage and the intercomparison of TriOS and So-Rad radiometers.