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26 April 2023

CERTO will be expanding our horizons to new regions including the Nile, Ganges and Indus to contribute to the Mega Delta working group of Future Earth Coasts.

CERTO is very pleased to be collaborating with Future Earth Coasts (FEC), which is a global research network that aims to support healthy coasts and oceans for a just and environmentally sustainable future.

We are particularly excited to be working with their Mega-Delta Programme, which aims to support sustainable development in 25 globally representative deltas through study of the current status and threats facing these areas.

Of these deltas CERTO is already working in the Danube but in version 2 of CERTO we plan to expand our coverage to include a further three deltas – the Ganges, Indus and Nile. This will enable us to contribute water quality data that will help to understand the status of these deltas and contribute to the Mega Delta programme objectives for these regions: • Understand the current status of global river deltas.

We look forward to continued collaboration with FEC, keep posted for further updates.

  • Explore the mechanisms of delta evolution under the influence of global climate change and human activities.
  • Predict future trends of water-sediment and socio-economic evolution, as well as early warning for hazards.
  • Provide solutions for common problems, such as sea level rise, coastal erosion, flood disasters, saltwater intrusion, soil and water pollution, and ecosystem degradation.
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