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CERTO progress meeting in Lisbon

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30 July 2022

For the first time since the CERTO kick-off meeting in January 2020 we were able to hold a project meeting in person.

The University of Lisbon provided a perfect venue for the meeting and it was fantastic to be able to continue discussions into the evening over a Portuguese meal. A hybrid solution also meant that those unable to travel were also able to attend which ensured a strong level of participation from all areas of the project.

The meeting included an update on progress from each of the work package leaders. This included updates on the final round of interviews with CERTO stakeholders and local users to get an overview of requirements.

An outline of the fieldwork plan for this year was presented. All case study areas will be sampled, with the Plymouth Sound and Curonion Lagoon campaigns having already taken place.

There then was an update on the optical water type classification and evaluation and validation of the different atmospheric correction algorithms. Work on development of indicators has progressed and discussions are underway as to how to implement these into the CERTO prototype.

A key aspect of the meeting was to discuss activities for the final stages of the project and how we are going to bring everything together to increase harmonisation of transitional water observation to provide accurate and timely water quality data.