CERTO progress meeting participants in Brussels

CERTO progress meeting in Brussels, Belgium

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21 February 2023

As we are entering the final months of the CERTO project a progress meeting was held in Brussels and online 26-27 January 2023 to review progress and ensure that we are on track to meet all our objectives by the end of September.

The meeting began with a presentation by Steve Groom about the management of the project, outlining the plans for the remainder of the project, including monthly meetings to ensure that progress keeps on track.

Each of the work packages gave presentations on progress, including dissemination and exploitation, community requirements, in situ sampling and case studies, optical water type classification, atmospheric correction.

Updates on the prototype development were presented, some parts have already been tested locally whilst others were in the final stages of development. Preparations for demonstrations of the CERTO products and indicators are well underway. The demonstrations aim to test the products generated with the prototype system and indicators in real-life situations and promote the CERTO developments and prototype to potential long-term users.

The final presentations included an update on the indicators work package and an overview of the communications activities.

The progress meeting was followed by a periodic review in early February with the EC Technical Officers and Reviewers who provided valuable insights and suggestions into how the maximise the outcomes of the project.

We look forward to the final months of the project where we begin to demonstrate how the work of CERTO will lead to increased harmonisation of water quality data in transistional waters.