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12 May 2020

An early field campaign of the CERTO project took place in February 2020, on board the Dallaporta vessel in the North Adriatic Sea.

The objectives of the campaign were to characterize the hydrological, biogeochemical and sedimentological properties of the study area during the maximum river runoff phase.  In situ measurements of hydrological properties and suspended particulates were obtained using CTD and beam transmission, biogeochemical and sediment properties using Rosette water sample and bio-optical data using a range of spectrometers.  These in situ measurements will then be used to develop and validate regional algorithms for the estimating chlorophyll and suspended matter from satellite data.
Although there have been several previous studies in the area, there was a limited amount of data available on the biogeochemistry and sediment dynamics related to coastal waters and river plumes during the maximum phase of river run-off in the Adriatic region.  This study will enable validation of satellite algorithms across a wide range of conditions.

Bathymetry of the area and bio-optical stations.

OLCI Sentinel3 CHL map and bio-optical stations performed on 20/02/2020. Green border indicates ASI - PRISMA satellite passage.